»Macro Lens Rubber Band for All Smartphone Camera

Macro Lens Rubber Band for All Smartphone Camera

Need a macro lens for your smartphone camera with a sharp and detailed focus? Maybe you should try this cool rubber band macro lens which is works for all type of smartphone such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The Macro Cell Lens Band is a simple close-up photography solution that has two definite pluses - it works on any camera equipped phone and it's very inexpensive, and you can also wear it on your wrist.

The Lens Band is decidedly low-tech, just a thick rubber band with a thin plastic lens smack in the middle of it, but judging by the sample shots, it produces surprisingly good quality images.

From the Description of this Macro Lens Rubber band on Photojojo it was said that their product will transform your cell phone photos from meh to awesome by giving you stunningly sharp details.

Below you can see the sharp and detailed focus of this Macro Lens Rubber Band.

Installation is quick and simple, take the band out of your wallet or off your wrist, wrap it around the phone with the lens positioned correctly and you're away.

Buy the Macro Cell Lens Band at Photojojo today for just $15.

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