»Parrot ASTEROID an Android OS for your Car Audio System

Parrot ASTEROID an Android OS for your Car Audio System

Android OS now spread in every aspect of technology such as this car audio system, this Android car audio system from parrot asteroid was a car receiver complete with a web service apps, voice recognition features and can also functions as a hands free telephone. It's really cool right? if on the previous post we have talked about the Android controlled remote control and many of Android related technology on a cool amazing tech section. now how about implementing android OS on your Car Audio system?

This car audio system named Asteroid from parrot could be a revolutionary car audio system in the future, you can connect your Android devices with this Asteroid car audio system from parrots such as synchronize your phone book with this car audio and then make a phone call through this cool amazing car audio system from parrot asteroid.

Asteroid can also be used for car navigators because it has map application folder, but you need an additional GPS equipment but unfortunately we think the screen is too small for your car navigational system, it has only 3.2 inch screen. ASTEROID also had a connection for iPod / iPhone and SD Card slot is also provided.

This cool Android car audio system from Parrot ASTEROID will be sold starting in October at a price of $ 349. cheap enough for a car audio system with Android OS.

Well we think that an Android car audio system could be a standard technology in every car audio for the future.

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