»Moboplay the Smallest Media Player in the World today

Moboplay the Smallest Media Player in the World today

Nowadays there's so many type of media player on the market. but if you seek for a small but powerful media player so you should try this moboplay. this gadget was known as the smallest media player in the world today with a size of only 60 × 64 mm. we can connect to any HDTV via HDMI connection. beside act as a media player this moboplay gadget could also works as the wireless media player to play the movies on your tablet PC or even your cellphone.

Even this devices was really small like this are able to produce video format Full HD (1080p) and is available either via the SD storage media or USB port which can then be connected to a USB flash / external hard drive.

Moboplay can also play movies in other gadgets such as tablets or cell phone with a special additional tool called Wireless Media Stick via Wi-Fi connection. This is quite useful because we can take it Moboplay play the movie on the phone / tablet to a HDTV. Isn't it really cool?

Moboplay introductory price is $ 49.95 and $ 89.95 (+ Moboplay Wireless Media Stick) but will be sold at $ 169.95.

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