»Monitor2Go a mobile monitor for Portable Gadget

Monitor2Go a mobile monitor for Portable Gadget

Monitor2Go is the next generation mobile monitor for portable gadget, it would add an additional monitor to your gadget such as iPad, Laptop or tablet PC. Monitor2Go which is an extra-sized 15.6-inch screen can be connected to your portable gadget that have an HDMI connection on it. Just plug then what is displayed on tablet screen will appear in the 15.6-inch screen of Monitor2Go. This could help you to do a presentation at your office.

Monitor2Go have a similar design to a notebook but they has an additional uniqueness it has a slot in the back to put the iPad 2 / tablet so that when the image was viewed there will be seen 2 screens.

Section screen can also be rotated up to 180 degree making it very useful for those of you who do a presentation to the position of the screen facing the client. Not limited to tablets, we can also connect your phone with the help of an HDMI connection into this Monitor2Go. The device can rest in either landscape or portrait mode, and comes equipped with HDMI and USB outputs, enabling owners to daisy chain up to six devices on a single port. The Monitor2Go is up for pre-order now, with the first shipments slated to head out within the next three months.

From the rumor Monitor2Go will be launched in the near future at a price of $ 300. Not too expensive for this high quality next generation mobile monitor. Below was the Video of MMT Monitor2Go hands-on that we got from Youtube today.

The rotable display of this Monitor2go is really cool. It can turn up, down, clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing users to share their slate's screen with virtually anyone around them.

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