»CAMDASS Augmented Reality Surgery let you do a Simple Surgery

CAMDASS Augmented Reality Surgery let you do a Simple Surgery

Computer assisted medical diagnosis and surgery system (CAMDASS) has developed an awesome concept for the future. with this stuff you can be a doctor and do a simple surgery. This is an Augmented Reality Prototype that designed to help you as non expert doctor to accomplish medical interventions.

Originally this CAMDASS Augmented Reality Prototype was made for Astronauts, since there's no medical experts on the space. CAMDASS developed by the european space agency for future astronauts, 'astronauts cannot be trained and expected to maintain skills on all the medical procedures that might be needed.'

This Camdass utilizes a 3D head-mounted display, linked to an infrared camera to track an ultrasound device. AR markers are placed on a patient's body to indicate important sites, and the system calibrates the display relative to the viewer's and patient's positions. the headset displays floating markers that, when aligned
with the real markers on the patient's body, indicate that the ultrasound probe (or other device) is in the right location.

'CAMDASS' has already been tested at the saint-pierre university hospital in brussels, belgium. it currently functions only with ultrasound, which is available on the international space station, but the research team anticipates its integration with other devices for additional surgical procedures. the system would provide the assistance needed by responders in deep space, as well as in developing areas or remote locations.

Watch the Video about How CAMDASS Augmented Reality Works.

Via : Designboom

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