»Microsoft Xbox 720 Controllers Integrates a Touchscreen Control like Wii-U

Microsoft Xbox 720 Controllers Integrates a Touchscreen Control like Wii-U

It was revealed that the new Xbox 720 by Mircrosoft will be integrating a touchscreen control like Wii-U controller. The highly anticipated successor to the maker’s Xbox 360 comes equipped with a high definition screen encircled by traditional 360 buttons and sticks for a complete experience.

Designed aesthetically, the sleek touchscreen device easily grabs one’s eyeballs for embedding a display that showcases the multipurpose functionality of Xbox 720. So basically, by taking advantage of which, users will be enabled to glance through game menus and functions when playing an Xbox game. However, during watching streaming videos, the incorporated display can be used as a virtual TV remote.

The handy, super smooth matt-black console aims at instilling life in games with directional sound and augmented reality. There will be an impressive finger tracking, four player Kinect feel as well. Though Microsoft has been endeavoring to transform its games boxes into exceptional controllers for hardcore players, the device manages to stand distinct for various reasons. The highlight, on the other hand, comes for equipping a Wii U-like touchscreen controller and endowing a shape closer to Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

It may catch most of us off-guard but Xbox 720 also brings in a thoroughly revamped experience with looks and feel of an iPad. As far as the system’s processor and GPU are concerned, let us tell you that Microsoft is really playing safe there. But one need not be on pins and needles as the model will function amazingly great and touts to change the way you have been playing those favorite titles.

At last, if you were thinking that Microsoft will dig a big hole in your pockets, then you are absolutely right. The attractive Xbox 720 is anticipated to be priced at somewhere around £399 with availability yet to be disclosed.

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