»iRobots Scooba 390 Smart Robots to Clean your Floor

iRobots Scooba 390 Smart Robots to Clean your Floor

iRobots Scooba 390 by Roomba is a smart robots which can help you to clean the floor, this is a useful technology for the future moreover if you're lazy to do the floor cleaning. so what Scooba 390 can do? This robot can clean wood floors, tile and even rough surfaces.

Scooba 390 Robot is equipped with new power management system that allows the battery has a durability of 30% longer than previous models. The design is also slightly new with colored signals to facilitate you in maintenance such as cleaning the tank, clean the heads up. In cleaning floors, This robot will do that in 4 stage, first is the preparation, then wash, scrub, and eventually squeeze.

Scooba 390 workspace can also be limited by iRobot Virtual Wall features so that the robot is not circulating anywhere or even fell down the stairs for example. iRobot Scooba 390 has a diameter of 38cm and weighing 3.9 kg will be released at a price of $499

Watch how iRobots Scooba 390 Works to clean your floor.

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