»Movie Rental Kiosk by Digiboo now Supports USB 3.0

Movie Rental Kiosk by Digiboo now Supports USB 3.0

Have you heard about digiboo flash drive movie kiosk? It's such a cool revolutionary concept of movie rental industry where you can rent a movie into your USB 3.0 Stuff from the Digiboo Kiosk, With this we've been able to rent movies without having to use the DVD and simply insert the USB Flashdrive and movies will be downloaded directly into the USB Flashdrive.

USB Digiboo movie rental kiosks is not a new stuff, it's just that this one supports USB 3.0 connection to enhance the processing speed. If it normally takes 2-5 minutes to download a film with the previous USB flash drive version then with a USB 3.0 connection, we can download it just in 20 seconds, so it does not automatically make the queue too long when you want to rent a movie via digiboo rental kiosk.

USB Digiboo movie rental kiosks are now installed in some airports such as Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Portland International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and in the future there will be about 7,000 such kiosks worldwide.

Indeed, the existence of such machines in the airport is very helpful especially when traveling into a long journey with plane at least watching movie will slightly kill your boredom.

The movie rented from digiboo rental kiosk has a limited time for you to watch, it has 30 days limit if you don't have time to watch it then the film will be out of date or if you have watch the film then 2 days after that the movie will out of date. that's the system of this digiboo movie rental kiosk

To download a single movie into your USB 3.0 you have to pay $3.99. Not too expensive right?

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