»Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard Control your PC and Mac Remotely

Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard Control your PC and Mac Remotely

This small wireless keyboard called Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard, it can control your PC or even Mac remotely. Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard comes with a game controller shape it combines the functions of a keyboards and mouse in a single devices, This mini Touch keyboards carries a wireless technology to connect your PC to your device.

Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard complete with mini sized QWERTY Keyboards button and a touchpad that can be used to control the mouse pointer movement, Typing is as easy as text messaging. The integrated touchpad provides accurate and quick navigation with the shoulder buttons providing left and right mouse buttons. RF wireless works up to 33 feet away and doesn't require line-of-sight. At the top left-right two buttons are also available that allows you to replace the function of left click and right mouse buttons.by using Ultra Mini Touchpad Keyboard, you can control your PC remotely and can perform all the activities with the PC as usual.

the Ultra Mini Touchpad Keyboard is compatible for both Windows and Mac platforms, You can buy these Ultra Mini Touch Keyboard for $69.99

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