»Neo Geo Portable add Classic Arcade games in your Pocket

Neo Geo Portable add Classic Arcade games in your Pocket

Neo Geo Portable is a new portable system of a classic game console. SNK Playmore just announced that they will be bringing a brand new portable system of neo geo to the market. The system is called the Neo-Geo Portable. With this pocket sized console it seems we can play many cool neo geo fighting games on this devices such as Fatal Fury, King Of fighters, Art of fighting or even Samurai Showdown.

The neo geo portable will come with a 4.3 inch LCD screen, a 2200 mAh battery, and 2GB of internal memory. The system will also have an SD card slot, but there's no information yet about the function of the SD Card slot in this neo geo portable either for loading additional games or for expanding the system’s memory.

This neo geo portable system was first comes from Japanese blog Famicom Plaza. At a glance it looks a little bit like an iPhone with their black-on-steel casing. But this neo geo portable has an analog stick, four face and four shoulder buttons.

The portable neo geo comes loaded with 20 classic Neo-Geo arcade games including some classic fighting games such as. Fatal Fury Special, Art of Fighting and Samurai Shodown are just a few of the titles to be named. Below was the full list of 20 Classic Neo Geo Arcade Games which is included into this cool neo geo portable

  1. World Heroes
  2. Ultimate 11
  3. Top Player's Golf
  4. Sengoku
  5. Nam-1975
  6. Mutation Nation
  7. Last Resort
  8. King of Monsters
  9. Frenzy
  10. Cyber Lip
  11. Fatal Fury Special
  12. Art of Fighting
  13. Super Sidekicks
  14. League Bowling
  15. Metal Slug
  16. Magical Lord
  17. Baseball Stars Professional
  18. Samurai Shodown
  19. King of Fighters '94
  20. Fatal Fury

This neo geo portable was a great devices for those who spend their childhood with neo-geo gaming console. it really bring back my memory. So far there's no information about the price of this neo geo portable.

Via : Siliconera and Shoryuken.

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