»AIRE Mask charge your iPhone with your Breath

AIRE Mask charge your iPhone with your Breath

This AIRE Mask was really a cool iPhone charger concept, it could help us charging the iPhone with a breath of fresh air. Even the design of this charger is little bit weird but the ideas of charging an iPhone battery with a fresh air is really amazing, It's a great example of "Go Green" and leave a minimum carbon footprint.

AIRE Mask Charger Designed by industrial designer Joao Paulo Lammoglia, the charger has been designed to convert wind energy created by your breath into energy to recharge your iOS devices. This stuff was designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, the AIRE Mask can work its magic even while one is sleeping, walking, or running, since energy is created from one’s breath. The iPhone charger has been equipped with small wind turbines that do the job of converting users breath into energy.

João Paulo Lammoglia AIRE Masks designer Said : “The consumerist tendencies of today’s industrialized society make the use of gadgets increasingly common, either by necessity or hobby. Though many of our gadgets offer benefits, they tend to consume a high amount of electrical energy. This may cause problems for the environment, especially if the energy used by these devices is derived from non-renewable sources.”

Even this AIRE Mask is still a concept today but we hope that this kind of Charger would be in reality in the future.

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