»Bluetooth SmartWatch for Android Phone - I'm Watch

Bluetooth SmartWatch for Android Phone - I'm Watch

Bluetooth SmartWatch for Android Phone - I'm Watch, On the future we'll enjoy this Android Based Watch that can be paired by our Android Device or any other Smartphone such as iPhone or Blackberry.

This I'm Watch a Bluetooth Smartwatch for your Android Phone was Made by Italian company, I'm Watch Bluetooth watches will be launched in two versions that I'm Jewel which is a Bluetooth watch with an elegant design with the material of Titanium, gold and diamonds. and also I'm Color which has various color selection. So what's this Bluetooth Smartwatch can do? Well check this out

Feature of Smartwatch for Android

- Can display format of a digital or analog watches
- Displays caller ID on incoming calls when there is
- Making phone calls and no speakerphone
- Display incoming SMS and email
- Can display photos on the phone (image gallery )
- There are additional applications that can be downloaded at 'm Store
- Can also download music over the web " I Music

Specification of i'm Watch Bluetooth Android Smartwatch

- 1.54 -inch touch screen (240 × 240. 200 ppi )
- Bluetooth 2.1
- 4 GB internal memory
- Memory Ram: 64 MB
- Battery Lithium Polymer 600 mAh:
- Without Bluetooth Standby time: 48 hours
- TME with Bluetooth Standby: 30 Hours
- Talk time: 2 hours

This is not a concept but now you can pre order this I'm Watch and on the next october this product will be on the market. Wow that's really cool. And how about the price of this I'm Watch Bluetooth SmartWatch for Android Phone?? I'm Jewel sold ranging from 599-11999 Euros, while I'm Color sold for 249 Euros. So Which one will you choose for your Smartwatch?

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