»World's First 3D Tablet PC by Quality Computers

World's First 3D Tablet PC by Quality Computers

This is the World's first Glasses free 3D tablet PC, This cool tablet PC launched by a firm named Quality Computers Group in Dubai, the maker of this glasses free 3D tablet PC were pretty confident that it will set them apart from the crowd. From the news that we got from Gulfnews site it was told that this Cool tablet PC will powered with 1Ghz ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core Processor and comes with 8 Inch screen with a 1280x768 Resolution. It will also use the Latest Android OS ice Cream Sandwich.

It will be available initially only in the UAE by April 2012 and additional units will be shipped to markets overseas including India a bit later. While Quality Computers have launched the first 3D tablet, this might be nothing more than an attention seeking venture that will put them firmly on the global map. And one cannot argue either, as they already seem to be getting the attention they wanted. Now all we need to do is wait for the tab.

How about the price? It was told that Quality Computer firm will launch their first glasses free android tablet PC for just $460 and that seems like a bit of a steep price tag despite all the 3D gifts packed inside. Let's see the further info for this glasses free 3D tablet PC.

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