»F5 a Luxury Golf Cart by Penwick

F5 a Luxury Golf Cart by Penwick

Golf was known as a prestigious sports for rich people, so that's why there's so many expensive golf stuff such as this F5 golf cart by penwick which is derived from Italian luxury sports car lamborghini. as we know a golf cart was one of the most important accessories for the Golf player. Pennwick a company in Springville, Utah, the largest producer of custom golf carts, estate vehicles and electric carts since 2009, launch a luxurious golf car which resembles a flaming red Italian luxury sports car, the Lamborghini. So how about the features of this F5 luxury golf cart by Penwick?

Before we go into the features of this luxurious golf cart you can also read this Golf Online Simulator from our previous post. The car features regular features like electric horns, headlights, taillights, turn signals and side mirrors. The cart also has a 48 volt charging system along with battery charger and hour meters.

The F5 Penwick Lamborghini look alike Golf cart is originally a four-seater cart, but can also be turned into a 6-seater one. It comes with several customization options like a gas-powered chassis, leather seats, a hard top and a golf bag holder along with 15″ Rims, a chrome tilt steering column and a stereo package.

How about the price of this Golf cart by Penwick? It's said that this Luxury F5 Golf Cart will be sold soon for $20,500. It's a great golf cart selection for those rich people who loves to play golf.

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