»Techberry The First Indian Wrist Mobile Phone by Wireless Gadgets

Techberry The First Indian Wrist Mobile Phone by Wireless Gadgets

An indian company wireless gadgets finally released the cool amazing first indian wrist mobile phone called as Techberry TB007. This Wrist band mobile phone could be a great fashion items for geeks. but how about the feature and specification of this Techberry TB007 by Wireless Gadgets?

the specs of the phone do not diverge from conventionality to bamboozle users. This mobile phone is equipped with a 1.5-inch full touch LCD, 1.2MP camera and 500 phone book entries storage capacity, TB007 supported 2G network along with GPRS, Bluetooth & USB connections. Additionally, a micro SD external memory card (of up to 4 GB) is included for media output.

Techberry TB007 also has a User friendly features incorporate a separate speaker phone that can be disconnected from the actual handset when not in use. And coming to the power element, the phone will be charged up by a lithium-ion 550 mAh battery, which provides a battery backup of up to 1.5 hrs (along with stand-by time of up to 2 days).

According to the company, this phone is available at around Rs. 8500 in India ($192). Wireless Gadgets CEO (Southeast Asia) V.F. John Yesudhas has also confirmed that the company would offer 12 models pertaining to different economical segments (for customers) with price ranging between Rs.1,499 and Rs.12,999.

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