»WristPC a Wrist personal Computer Concept

WristPC a Wrist personal Computer Concept

the Advanced of technology and design has made a breakthrough in many aspects, such as this cool amazing personal computer concept that can be worn in your wrist, it was called as Wrist PC. The design team of Saharudin Busri, Mohd Nizam Najmuddin, Mohd Rohaizam Mohd Tahar, and Nuzairi Yasin has come up with this cutting-edge concept that embodies a wearable and portable personal computer, which can be wrapped around one’s very wrist. How about the feature and specification of this WristPC concept?

The contraption will come with a relatively large 3.5 inch touch-screen display, connected to a ABCD keypad onto the side of the wristband. The display will be bordered by a sturdy aluminium frame that will also contain the menu, release and game navigation buttons.This display element can be shifted to different angles according to related interactive functions such as using GPS or sending messages for user convenience. WristPC also allowing the user to remain connected to the web anytime, anywhere.

The other part of the wristband will hold a wireless detachable ear piece, which can be used for a myriad of purposes including tele-conferencing, listening to music, and even watching video. For an improved gaming experience, the WristPC can be removed and held (like a hand-held PSP), while the extending free band provides a convenient rubber grip.

Hmmm it seems the display on this Wrist PC was too small for me, i'd rather use this Bluetooth Smartwatch for Android. How about you?

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