»Valeo Park4U Automatic Parking Remote Apps

Valeo Park4U Automatic Parking Remote Apps

This cool amazing apps let's you to park your car automatically by using your Smartphone as a Remote. Park4U Remote by Valeo is an iPhone or Android app where you'll be able to park the car with the help of mobile phones, even there's no one controlling the car cool huh?

It's Like playing games on mobile phones to park your car, the existing Park4U system will automatically park the car while stepping on the gas or brakes done via phone. The system's currently available on a limited number of Volkswagen-group models including the Touran, Sharan, Audi A6, Audi A7 and the Seat Alhambra, and the company is planning to have 38 models equipped with the tech by year's end

Well It's really useful for those who need an automated parking assistance, this Valeo park4U apps will help you to park your car automatically. check out the demo video below of Valeo Park4U Apps.

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