»Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Concept for the Future

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Concept for the Future

The researcher has developed a cool amazing stuff for the future which is called an Augmented reality contact lenses. It's a 1 pixel LED display which has the same function as the contact lenses on your eyes. The Contact lenses will also works as the Computer display. Isn't it really cool to has a tiny display at your eyes?

It was Researchers from the University of Washington and the Aalto University, Finland who was developing a cool contact lens prototype that has only 1 pixel-sized LED screen, IC and antenna in it

Even this Augmented reality Contact lenses Still far from ideal but this prototype will allow us to read email or browse through the contact lens in the future. Absolutely it's far cooler than this Diamond Contact Lenses.

How about the energy sources of this stuff? For the electrical source this Contact lenses was streamed wirelessly via an additional tool with a maximum distance of about 1 m from the contact lens. The good news, at least the contact lens has been successfully tested on a rabbit without causing side effects.

It's only a matter of time for the researcher to complete their research of this Augmented reality contact lenses.

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