»Sony HMZ-T1 3D Headset Technology for the Future

Sony HMZ-T1 3D Headset Technology for the Future

As we know the 3D technology was a rising star today, So many 3D display such as TV, Computer, Notebook until smartphone was launched on the market today. Sony will introduce a new approach of 3D Display which comes from the Headset of Sony HMZ-T1. These innovative concept by sony on 3D technology was really amazing and of course it can save you some space on your home.

I'm sure that on the future there will be another cool amazing 3D technology adopted from various gadget and devices. so how about Sony HMZ-T1? Sony HMZ - T1 is a headset device which can instantly display a 3D visual display 750- inch screen size with visibility about 20 meters. By using this tool, you can enjoy 3D content directly without using a special 3D Glasses or the 3D TVs that are large. See also how to convert your LCD into a 3D Display by using a Pic3D Film.

Inside this cool device, there's a pair of embedded OLED panel resolution of 1280 × 720 with 3D technology support. The Visual capability of this Sony HMZ-T1 is also supported by a virtual 5.1 surround audio performance that can present optimal sound your head straight.

In terms of connectivity these devices utilize the HDMI input, which makes it able to connect and is compatible with Blu - ray devices and PCs to Sony's flagship gaming console, the PlayStation 3. Besides, there is also an HDMI output connections that can be used as a liaison to other display devices. How about the price?

Sony HMZ - T1 will be sold for around $800 and are available at this time for the Japanese and American markets only. Hope that they will sell it all over the world. With this devices you can save a huge amount of money just to enjoy the 3D technology. So what do you think of this Sony HMZ - T1? Check also this first look of this Sony HMZ-T1 3D Display that can be worn in your head.

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