»Invoked Computing A Futuristic Technology

Invoked Computing A Futuristic Technology

Invoked Computing? Have you heard this terms before? Ok before we talk about it how about if we describe the meaning of the Invoked Computing? At a glance invoked computing was a computer system that can transform any object into a gadget. It's really cool and amazing right? Nowadays the researcher from University of Tokyo still developing this Invoked Computing System.

If they success in making this devices so in the future you can transform a banana into any kind of gadget. It's too soon to dream about that right? Systems that have this camera will follow you wherever you go and try to recognize objects and hand gestures and then will turn it into a gadget ranging from notebooks, mobile phones and other means but this is not physically. Still confuse? Ok how about if we gave some examples

Let's say when there is a pizza cardboard as an example in the video, you consider it as a notebook to open the box then the existing system will change the pizza cardboard into a notebook where you can actually use it like a regular notebook.

Another Example is if your phone rings, you don't have to grab the phone, simply grab a banana or any object that is near to you and act like a phone with a closer ear a banana into the automated system will turn into a phone.

It's strange but cool and It's not a big surprise if this cool amazing concept won the innovation award at Laval Virtual 2011 in France. Check the demo videos of How the Invoked Computing System turn banana into a gadget.

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