»Fold & Go Mobile Tablet a Real Foldable Tablet PC

Fold & Go Mobile Tablet a Real Foldable Tablet PC

A foldable Tablet PC concept was a big technology expectation for the future, one company from Fold & Go Mobile Tablet which envisaged by AN Design Lab has designed a flexible tablet device that can literally be folded and used. It seems that the flexible display screen will became the next trends in technology.

The design will comprise of a futuristic flexible screen technology such as we write on the Nokia kinetic concept, as an integral part of the system (from the perspective of both flexibility and usage). And since we are talking about flexible screens, the current technological attribute seen in this field is intriguingly credible to take it much beyond the ludicrous quotient. In relation to one of its form, we are better acquainted with the technology in its electronic paper (or e-paper) avatar. These e-papers have a slew of advantages over conventional display systems, with a stable image, a wider viewing angle and a convenient reflecting quality of ambient light (rather than emitting its own light). Now, coming back to the concept of Fold & Go Mobile Tablet, the display element of the tablet can utilize the component of plastic substrates that would give it the e-paper vibe.

According to the designers, they have also alluded to the utilization of emerging flexible display technologies. In relation to this, there are already many electronic giants going behind this Holy Grail of next generation display. In the middle part of this year itself, Sony announced (with a prototype, not connected to any device) their OLED driven flexible display, which would offer brighter colors and use less power than standard displays. Another exalted company, Samsung followed it up with their version of ’bendy screened' gadgets, which according to numerous sources, may already make their commercial debut by 2012.

Again, coming back to the core mechanism of Fold & Go Mobile Tablet, the designers have touted the device to have two button programmable hot keys, which in turn would allow for dual functionalities. The first function is directly related to user convenience, as it will allow them to fully customize the device (as per their individual preference). The second function deals with the enhanced state of interaction, which would lead to a full color external screen.

Of course, the interactive feature does not stop at the visual element. As a matter of fact, the designers have thought of an advanced mechanism where a user can 'naturally' interact with the device with practical voice recognition and gesture mapping attributes. Both of these features have been covered in the past by devices (and systems) such as Siri personal assistant in iPhone and Kinect in Xbox 360. So at the end of the day, with so many innovative elements being considered, the Fold & Go Mobile Tablet concept truly has the potential to fuse the best of 'all' worlds.

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