»Keith Haring Google Doodle

Keith Haring Google Doodle

Why there's an Artistic Google logo today? Have you noticed an Artistic fancy google logo today? Google make those logo to commemorate the 54th birth anniversary of Keith Haring. Well anyway who is Keith haring?

Keith Haring was an American artist and social activist. His work mainly reflected the street culture of the New York City in the 1980s. He was Born in 4th May 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Haring moved to the New York City, where he was inspired by graffiti art. This talented artist has died due to AIDS in 1990 when he's still 30 years old.

In his work, Haring had tackled the concepts of birth, death, sex and war. His artworks became a widely recognized visual language of the 20th century.

Today's google logo has greeted the visitor with a series of figures inspired by Haring's works, which spelled out the word "Google.". Personally i prefer the previous zipper google doodle. but google has their own way to pay a tribute for someone.

Read more Keith Haring Bio on His Wikipages here
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