»Traxxas XO-1 The Fastest R/C Car in the world today

Traxxas XO-1 The Fastest R/C Car in the world today

Nowadays many people love to play R/C car in their holiday, not only for the kids, but the R/C car today was a toys for the big boys. If you're looking for a fast R/C car you have to try this Traxxas XO-1. this R/C car was claimed as the world's fastest Radio control car today. Not only fast but this R/C car also becomes one of the biggest R/C car in the market. it was Armed with 2 Traxxas Power Cell 3S 5000mAh LiPo. What we like about this R/C car is that the ease of control. you can control it via your iPad or iPhone. Could you imagine to play a 100mph radio control car??

So how about the features of this Traxxas XO-1 R/C car? this fast R/C was Weighing all of 4.67 KG’s was one of the hardest truths we have put ourselves up against, as anything of this size and capability to travel at 0-100 km/ph within 5 seconds, usually weighs much more. Well, it’s done and done well as the gadgetry used is some of the most advanced in this sphere. Armed with Traxxas 2.4 GHz wireless remote control, and ready-to-go radio system, one can sit at a distance and watch the car zoom by, without having to physically control it, instead do it through your iPhone or iPad which has a built-in application meant specifically for the car (see also Blue Drone R/C car for Android). The high-definition detailed graphics and rapid user-interface will help you cover exotic terrains with all car controls on display on your handset or tablet PC screen.

With those awesome features you have to pay about $1,100 to own this Traxxas XO-1 R/C car. there's about 2 color option of this R/C Car such as red and black to choose from. I think it could be a great Christmas gift for me.

Check the Video below about how fast is this Traxxas XO-1 R/C car. you can see this Races of Traxxas XO-1 R/C Car on the real racing circuit.

So are you ready to race with this Traxxas XO-1??

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