»Android Controlled R/C Car - Bluedrone

Android Controlled R/C Car - Bluedrone

Android Controlled R/C Car - Bluedrone, Finally there's a cool amazing breakthrough in Radio Control Car technology, now we can control the Radio control car with Android Device via the Bluetooth Connection. It seems that on the future Android Devices will play a great role on Human lifes.

This Android Controlled R/C Car named Bluedrone was a GTR Replica Car that you can control by your Android Phone. So how to Control this R/C Car? It's really simple you can control it via your Touch screen or Accelerometer sensors that commonly used in a various car racing games for Android phones.

See the Pictures below about How to connect your R/C Car with your Android Phones and then Control it with your Android Devices.

BlueDrone Radio Control Car is still waiting for incoming orders and manufacturing takes about 8-12 weeks and if you want this cool amazing Android Controlled R/C Car then you can pre-order it for the price of $ 59.

Watch the Video of this Cool amazing Android Controlled R/C Car. With an Android phones this guy could control a Lamborghini R/C Car and also It can turn on the Head lamps, Tail lights, and also a dim lights.

So do you want to buy this Bluedrone an Android Controlled R/C Car. See more further Information about Bluedrone here.

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