»iControlPad Turns your Smartphone into a Portable Gaming Handheld

iControlPad Turns your Smartphone into a Portable Gaming Handheld

Turns your Smartphone into a Portable handheld gaming device with this cool iControlPad, iControlPad will provide the game controller for your Smartphone, it can turns every kind of smartphone into a portable handheld gaming device. It's really useful for those who love to play games on their smartphone.

iControlPad can also emulate the above mentioned iPad Arcade Cabinet, basically it is a Bluetooth game controller, whose main functionality is to be used with mobile phones and other devices with Bluetooth capability (like smartphones, computers, tablets and consoles). So, in more simple terms, with this device one can wirelessly connect with one's smartphone and turn it into a handheld game console.

Going beyond its apparent convenience of connectivity, the iControlPad actually has other advantages too. Firstly, the device is integrated with a flash chip. This means that the set up inside the iControlPad can be upgraded with new features (introduced in the years to come). Moreover, it has a solid built-in 1350mAh battery. This attribute will not only allow the powering of the device, but also facilitate the charging of the connected mobile device via a sync cable. This charging feature can be controlled by the user from the phone by its on/off mechanism.

Secondly, the iControlPad allows you to emulate the iPad Arcade Cabinet (better known as the iCade). But more importantly, the contraption will allow you to directly play the iCade games from the App Store without the criteria of jail breaking. As a matter of fact, according to official Apple policy, iOS App Store Apps should include any app with iCade emulation mode or dual nubs mode (of course, without the requirement of jail breaking). This advantage also extends to the Android users, as they are sure to find many compatible applications in the related 'market' by utilization of Bluez IME, an input handling program.

Finally, the iControlPad also scores high on the ergonomic scheme of things with better user handling attributes. The convenient design facilitates its mechanical 'fusion' with any smartphone, whatever may be their size and bearing. The boisterous ones among the smartphones can even integrate the device, while the set up is stringently fixed in position (without requiring third party accessories). So, according to the designers, this practical system will be of service for many years to come, all for a total price of $74.99.

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