»Lightpad G1 Transform your Smartphone into a Notebook

Lightpad G1 Transform your Smartphone into a Notebook

Is there a way to transform your smartphone into a notebook? well the answer is yes. now with the help of Lightpad G1 devices you could easily turn your smartphone into a notebook. LightPad G1 is an advanced projection accessory for your smartphones, which was displayed at CES 2012. Thanks to the pico projector technology, LightPad G1 can project contents of your phone on a large surface. Well, like a laptop dock for your tablet, you have this accessory for smartphones to watch contents on a large screen. It is actually a mounted QWERTY keyboard device. So there is no need to go for another keypad to prepare a document using your smartphone now

The LightPad G1 is also a highly energy efficient device. To project 500 nits of brightness, the accessory just consumes 2.5 watts of power. You can use a wall or any other surface to project images of up to 60-inch in size. The LightPad G1 is thin and it has a svelte form factor. You can certainly carry it around with less effort though weighing 400 grams.

Interestingly, the device supports all phones under iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms. The LightPad G1 offers a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels for projection on your wall. Meanwhile, next gen LightPad G2 can provide 1280 x 720 resolution pixels.

Thanks to the QWERTY keypad of the accessory, you can type a lengthy document using your smartphone. It means, using the LightPad G1, you cannot only watch films and surf through images, but also perform most activities you can do on a computer. Price details of the LightPad G1 are not available. It is not also clear when will the accessory will land in stores.

It seems that on the future there will be more cool technology that can morph your gadget into another gadget using the invoked computer technology. So if you want to transform your smartphone into a notebook then you have to wait for this Lightpad G1 devices.

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