»GPToilet a Private Medical Urine Testing

GPToilet a Private Medical Urine Testing

GPToilet is a cool toilet which can also do an urine test!!. This GP Toilet will help you do a medical testing specially for urine test at your home. This GP Toilet or also known as General Practitioner Toilet is the brainchild of Lucy Jung and Do Hyung Kim, As we know almost any medical check needs an urine sample test such as for pregnancy test or even for drug test, and now with this cool stuff you just simply need to select the testing you require from the integrated screen, and a test nozzle appears in the bowl and awaits your “sample”.

The nozzle will then retract and starting the analysis of your urine, thus “eliminating” your need to visit the doctor. This process can be very helpful in monitoring, diagnosing or even simply providing information, like when a woman might be ovulating.

The urine sensor of the GP Toilet even checks your urine flow and urine levels and then runs preselected testing, displaying the results (within minutes) on the screen. The only reason why GP Toilets are made is to eliminate the hassle and expense of visiting the doctor or laboratory to do the urine testing. Moreover, users will feel comfortable personally knowing the results of health checks.

This GP Toilet is still a concept for now but it seems that in the near future this cool technology will be available. I'm sure a private medical testing device will become more popular in the future.

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