»18 Carat Gold Phone without Internet

18 Carat Gold Phone without Internet

Can you afford this luxury 18 carat gold Cellphone without Internet or Email access? Well if you're looking for a Hi-Tech ones you might be choose this Tag Heuer Link than this one. The maker of this Luxurious 18 Carat Gold cellphone focus on the idea of voice, clarity and simplicity.

This 18 Carat Gold Cellphone Designed by a the Copenhagen firm Aesir, the Æ+Y phone costs a whopping €42,000.00 (about $60,000), and doesn't even boast technological innovations like mobile Internet access or email. Instead its most advanced features include speed dial, a built-in calculator, and bluetooth connectivity

The 18-carat gold model, which only 25 of will be sold, isn't the only version of the phone being sold. For lesser nobility there's also a stainless steel version that retails at $10,500. You can scroll down to see both versions for yourself.

However, this is far from the world's most expensive cell phone. That honor seems to go to the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme, which boasts a full body comprised of 22-carat gold, a 7.1 carat diamond for a home button, and costs roughly $3.2 million

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