»Ion Book saver Will Convert your Books into a Digital format Easily

Ion Book saver Will Convert your Books into a Digital format Easily

Now there's so many ways that you can do to made a digital library such as using a scanner to scan your books collection but the usual scanner has a lack function in scanning because the indentation in the center that sometimes make the scans a little chaotic. But with this Ion Book saver now you can scan it perfectly than convert it into a digital format.

Ion Book Saver is different with the usual scanner in the market today, it was specially designed to scan the content of the books and then convert your books into the digital format with the helps of 2 pirces of camera on the top of this devices, It also makes the image for each pages of the books looks better, Moreover with this method you can scan faster with the speed of 10 pages in 1 minutes. with this device now you can also made your own digital library easily. just place your books above the surface of Ion Book Saver then this device will start to scan the content of your books. (see also the review of Doxie Go Scanner)

Ion Book Saver works by saving the images directly on the SD memory card or can be directly to the computer with the help of a USB connection and is equipped with special software to help us in searching in PDF files.

Ion Book Saver can perform scans on all types of books or magazines for its size no more than A4 size. Well until now there's no information about the price of this gadget. but it was said that Ion Book Saver Scanner will be on the market on first quarter of 2012.

With this gadgets now you can easily Convert Books into PDF format. Check this video tour of this Ion Book Saver and how this Ion Book Saver works to scan the books and convert it into a digital format.

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