»iConvert Special Scanner for iPad

iConvert Special Scanner for iPad

How to scan a file into your iPad? Now there's a special scanner that was created for your iPad or even iPad 2 called iConvert. this cool scanner can scan all types of documents or images with a maxium resolution of 300dpi. isn't it cool to scan files directly to your iPad? To be able to use it, we are obliged to install a special application that are available at the Apple Store.

This special scanner for iPad or iPad 2 Tablets by Brookstone captures sharp, detailed JPEG images and saves them directly to the photos folder of your iPad or iPad 2 tablet.

iConvert Scanner can scan all the documents or photos with a maximum width of the document size between 5 to 21.6 cm and all the scans will be stored as JPEG. But unfortunately this special scanner for your iPad was a little bit expensive since this iConvert scanner sold for $149.99

Need another option for a portable scanner? See also Doxie Go Scanner and Ion Book Saver.

Watch the Demo video below about How iConvert Scanner work to scan your documents into your iPad or iPad2.

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