»Kiss Controlled Bowling Games by Hye Yeon Nam

Kiss Controlled Bowling Games by Hye Yeon Nam

Kiss Controlled Bowling Games. This might be one of the weirdest game innovation in the world that exist today, if you think that the SEGA toylets that controlled by your urine or Tobii EyeAsteroids which controlled by your eyes is cool then this Kiss Controlled Bowling Games by Hye Yeon Nam is just Awesome.

In order to play the games, the player have to put a headset in front of his mouth and the other has to stick a little magnet to her tongue with some Fixodent. The one with the magnet then inserts her polarized tongue into the other person’s mouth and uses it to maneuver the virtual bowling ball.

So How to control the ball with your kiss? The goal of this weird games innovation is you have to push the ball with the center of an alley with the fastest speed as you can, the goals of the game is to guide the ball, so that it maintains an average position in the center of the alley, then you have to move your tongue faster to increase the speed of the ball.

It seems that this Kiss controlled bowling games by Hyo Yeon Nam is interesting right? Maybe you have to play it with your lover, fiance or even with your wife. Check the video below about how to play this Kiss Controlled Bowling Games.

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