»Gametel Gaming Controller Turn your Android devices into a Gaming Phone

Gametel Gaming Controller Turn your Android devices into a Gaming Phone

Now even Android smartphone could be turned into a cool gaming smartphone like Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Yes now you can morph your Android Smartphone into a cool Gaming smartphone with a Special Gaming Controller from Gametel. With this gametel gaming computer your android device could be a great gaming devices (maybe it's better than Sony ericson Xperia play).

Gametel Gaming Controller is a controller for Android OS 2.1 or more smartphone and It use a Bluetooth connection to connect to the controller to your smartphone., Several months ago we have another cool game controller for iOS devices called iControlpad and now as usual Android won't lose to their competitor, with this Gametel Gaming controller now you can morph your android smartphone into a cool gaming phone.

The Buttons and D - Pad of this gametel gaming controller are made ​​similar to what is in most games controller and the coolest features of this game controller is this one could be stored when not in use to play and we can use your favorite Android phones are more powerful.

Because it uses Bluetooth connection, so we can continue to use this controller with the position of the phone is connected to an HDTV so you could say we would have a small console. Gametel use rechargeable batteries that can be used for 9 hours and when not in use (standby) can last up to 5 months.

Currently not for sale but when the time comes, Gametel will be sold at a price of $67. Are you ready to transform your Android Smartphone into a small game console with this Gametel Gaming controller?

The demo of Gametel Gaming Contoller for Android via Youtube

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