»iZettle Made Payment with Credit Card Anywhere

iZettle Made Payment with Credit Card Anywhere

Have you ever thought that Someday you can use your Credit Card anywhere just by using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Today there's a cool gadget called iZettle that could made your iOS devices into a Credit Card Payment Gateway.

iZette works as a connector between the iPhone with your credit card. by connecting iZette to one of three IOS device, then you can easily made a transaction simply by entering your credit card to iZette. Once inserted you have nominal pay, you will be asked to sign on the screen as a sign of legitimate transactions, like transactions with credit cards in general.

This payment system has been tested in Sweden since last August and recently, inventor and CEO of iZette, Jacob de Geer, announced that the new payment gateway will be launched in early 2012 in several countries. For more details you can watch the video below

In the future our iOS devices could be used as a credit card payment gateway via iZettle. So how about the Android devices? I'm sure that Android will made a similar apps to made every Android Based Devices into a Payment Gateway.

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