»Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Smallest Desktop PC with Powerful features

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Smallest Desktop PC with Powerful features

Lenovo launched another cool amazing product called Lenovo Ideacentre Q180, It's a small Desktop PC, it's not a mini PC station but they want to be called as the smallest Desktop PC in the world, but even though the size of this Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 was small but they comes with a powerful features such as a plenty of storage space to save your photos or movies.

Lenovo Ideacentre Q180 is not a mini PC, which makes it somewhat different from the Mini PC is the presence of the SSD Hardrive inside but whatever hell it is called, is quite promising as well as your HDTV companion.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 had a decent specifications to accompany your activities in HDTV starting from Watch HD movies to browse. Below is the complete specification of this Smallest Desktop PC by Lenovo.

- Intel Atom dual-core D2500
- Memory to 4 GB of DDR3 RAM
- HDD 750 GB or 128 GB SSD
- Windows 7 OS
- Graphics card 512MB AMD Radeon HD 6450A
- Wi - Fi 802.11 b / g / n and LAN ( 10/100/1000 )
- 8 in 1 card reader
- 4x USB 2.0 ports and 2x USB 3.0 ports
- VGA and HDMI
- Blu - ray or DVD Player as an option
- Measuring only 155 x 192 x 22 mm

Unfortunately there is one thing missing here, It is the Bluetooth which means we can not expect to be able to use the HTPC keyboard with Bluetooth but at least Lenovo is providing the option to add a cool HTPC keyboard that is POP UP W520.

It's rather cool but its a little expensive because the keyboard will be sold for $79.99 while the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 alone will be sold starting of $379.

Watch the Demo video of this Smallest Desktop PC Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180. See the difference between the small desktop PC and Mini PC?

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