»Seiko Astron Smart Watch that can adjust Time automatically

Seiko Astron Smart Watch that can adjust Time automatically

Seiko Astron is an Analog smart watch powered by solar energy that could help you to adjust time automatically, Now you don't need to adjust your watch manually when you travel into a different time zone, because seiko astron watch could do it for you automatically. The question is how seiko astron watch adjust the time?

the secret lies in the GPS feature on this seiko astron. With the GPS system this watch can receive GPS signal and can identify the time zone and date utilizing a global network of GPS satellites. Thanks to the GPS features, the Seiko Astron can adjust the time zone automatically and accurately, based on the overall accuracy of the calculation of atomic clocks that are commonly used in GPS technology. Seiko Astron is also claimed to be able to recognize 39 time zones around the world and counting system equipped with a perpetual calendar as accurate as counting time.

All the time and date settings can be done quickly and easily through the buttons provided on this watch. To adjust the clock and show time is right for you, Seiko Astron only takes about 6 seconds and about 30 seconds to adjust the time zone you are located.

Seiko Astron will be available in 5 models, three models are present using a titanium material and the other two models will come with stainless steel material. With the sophistication it offers, Seiko Astron marketed at prices ranging from $1880 to $2594.

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