»Tag Heuer Racer Luxury Android Phone Rumors

Tag Heuer Racer Luxury Android Phone Rumors

Tag Heuer the luxury watch brands will launched their new high performance android phone called tag heuer racer, Even the tag heuer racer android phone is still a rumor but it seems that this new luxury phone by tag heuer will soon be unveiled. After launching Tag Heuer Link it seems that Tag heuer will made another awesome Android Smartphone in the future.

Tag heuer racer which has the tagline of crafted for high performance. will be powered by Quad Core processor and the new Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This smartphone by tag heuer was inspired by Formula 1 GT Car, It uses a carbon fiber materials for the body that promises power but on the one hand make light even though the phone still does not look thin.

From the rumor that we heard this Tag heuer Racer android phone will be on the market in July 2012 with €2800. It will be available in "luxury mobile boutiques"..

Watch the Teaser video of this Tag Heuer Racer below.

Until now Tag heuer still hasn't specified exactly what it means by high performance and hasn't yet fleshed out all the specs

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