»Sports Car made out of Old Car Parts by Pete Golsby

Sports Car made out of Old Car Parts by Pete Golsby

This is not an ordinary sports car, it's made out entirely from an old car parts and the cool and amazing thing is the people who build this Sports car is a 68 years old blind man!. how can he build such an amazing car when he can't see anything? The best answer is if someone has a dream he will try his best to achieve it, that's why Pete golsby could make this cool sports car.

Pete Golsby might be a 68 years old blind man but that didn't stop him from pursuing his lifelong dream to build his own two-seater sports car from scratch. The old man was taken aback when he was told to be turned blind 12 years ago. But hats off to the spirit and will of the old man that didn't stop him from fulfilling his dream. It took a lot of time and effort, around five years, to build the car. The only shortcoming being his inability to drive it himself after putting in so much hard work.

Golsby took the help of magnifiers and visual aids in assembling the silver-colored Pembleton Brooklands. His constant inspiration and help was his wife Hazel, aged 66, who assisted and informed him in case things were not on the right track. The old man used old motorbike's engine, car parts donated by friends to assemble it.

Golsby told that it makes him feel very proud to be able to achieve this feat even after facing innumerable hurdles. It successfully passes the Ministry Of Transport test and is currently waiting for Single Vehicle Assessment, so that it can be driven on roads. Golsby might not be able to drive the car but he's happy that he can share some memorable moments with Hazel on his custom built two-seater sports car.

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