»Toyota Shows a Futuristic Concept Car Fun Vii

Toyota Shows a Futuristic Concept Car Fun Vii

Toyota shows their futuristic concept car called fun vii. this car would be one of the coolest electric concept car for the future. This concept car was looks like from a Sci-Fi Movies. But what we like about it concept is the interior, It's a fully customizable viewing screen and surface and that can display the outside world. This kind of cool concept futuristic car by toyota was announced at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 in Japan. Just take a look of this Toyota Fun Vii Concept pictures on the right. isn't it really cool?

From the exterior, the aerodynamic vehicle is covered in a smooth black finish with silver accents along the edges and the wheel mags. Everything about the design says “futuristic and high-tech”, and it looks like those cars we often see in dystopian future science-fiction films.

Inside, there is is room for a driver and two passengers to sit comfortably with legs stretched out and more elbow room that the average car comes with. The design is both spacious and minimal, offering a clean, clutter-free look that every car owner envies, but soon discovers is impossible to keep up. but we think it would be better if toyota adopts this Mind Controlled Car Technology like what we posted before.

On the inside walls Toyota has some pretty cool out-of-this-world features plans, such as a fully customizable viewing screen and surface and that can display the outside world, or anything of the operator’s choice. It will be able to offer full web browsing capabilities on the go, fully linked with social networking and communication. From the appearance this Fun Vii from Toyota was really interesting. you can see the video below what Toyota Motor Corp President Akio toyoda said about this Futuristic fun Vii concept.

Unfortunately the Pricing and availability of this Toyota fun Vii haven’t been hinted yet, but Toyota does plan on making the Fun-Vii electric with impressive mile per charge capacity on its battery.

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