»Solar Powered Car by Zhu Zhenlin

Solar Powered Car by Zhu Zhenlin

This is truly cool solar car concept, a chinese student named Zhu Zhenlin has made this solar powered for his personal use. Zhu Zhenlin is a student from Xiangshan Technical School in China. The car can run at up to 70 kilometers once fully charged, which is extraordinary by a student's standards.

As quoted from ChinaDaily this smart Chinese student spent almost $2,378 to make this amazing solar powered car. Zhu kept all specifications in mind while making it an accelerator, brake, steering wheel, steering lights and rearview mirrors are perfectly placed for best handling. The solar car measures 3.2 meters in length, 1.4 meters width and 1.4 meters height. 22 typical solar panels are placed on hood, roof and trunk. To power the car there are six 12-volt batteries positioned in the trunk.

Hope that his skill in making a working solar powered car could be useful for future transportation. he's really brilliant. while many people still think about how to produce an electric car this guy has made awesome breakthrough with his solar powered car.
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