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Instagram for Android Reviews

Earlier this month Instagram the Top rated iOS apps was comes to Android OS. The Instagram for Android has managed over 1 million installations in just one day of its launch on Android. So what we could expect of the Android Instagram version? The social-photo app Instagram for Android lets you put folksy effects on dull photos with a single tap, and quickly share them on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

the rumor said that Instagram for android isn't as powerful as Instagram for iOS. is that true? Here's several reviews for Android Instagram which we quote from top rated tech sites around the internet.

The Android Community said that the interface of Instagram for Android is nice and clean (better than iOS version), simple to use, and makes sharing a breeze. The effects are good although there’s plenty of similar apps available for Android already since Instagram took so long, A few key differences over the iOS version are worth being noted. Instagram said the Android version would be better than the iOS app.

While on PC Magazine this Android version Instagram has drive so many controversion such as It Can't share pictures over email or text. Little variation among filters. Buggy and fragmented experiences, depending on Android device.

Instagram for Android's strength relies on its robust photo community, rather than photo editing utility. It's a simple, fun way to discover and instantly share photos with friends and strangers, but in terms of editing it's even less useful than the stock Android camera. Stilll, after playing with Instagram for a while, I could start to feel the pull of addiction. It's just so quick and easy to create and share a folksy snapshot of my life. Instagram isn't a perfect app, but its popularity is easy to understand.

You can Download Instagram for Android for free on Google Play here. After downloading, you can register (sign up) or log (log in) if you already have an Instagram account. Then, you will have the option to add friends that can be obtained from the contact list, Tumblr, Foursquare, Facebook, or Twitter - while Flickr followed. Completed, and on the next page you can see the photos had been uploaded by your relatives. Enjoy, comment, or upload your own photo by selecting the camera logo in the middle: select from a collection in your gallery or take a photo immediately.

We recorded 16 filter or effect that can be used at this time. Unfortunately, when we try to upload a 3-dimensional images of the HTC Evo 3D, Instagram immediately shuts itself off. That means Instagram does not support 3-dimensional images.

Which one better? Instagram for Android or Instagram for iOS you choose.
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