»Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle

Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle

Temporary Auto Pilot Feature in Volkswagen Vehicle, Volkswagen introducing a new great feature for the future, it's a temporary auto pilot or we can call it as TAP feature. with this TAP, you can drive your car while you read a newspaper. So how does this TAP feature by Volkswagen Works?

TAP is a Semi Automatic driver assistance system that uses technology that's currently available or in production. That means it could actually find its way into real cars real soon.

TAP works by combining other functions like ACC adaptive cruise control and Lane Assist (which helps keep the car within a lane) into an integrated system. Always monitored by the driver, and always leaving her/him the ability to override the system when needed, TAP can drive a car 'semi-automatically' at speeds of up to 130 km/h (81 mph) on a highway. (worldcarfans.com)

When we activate this TAP feature, a computer system that is in the car will safely run the car automatically because the car will be stopped if there is a car in front of us. It seems this Temporary Auto pilot will became a feature in every vehicle on the future. just wait.

TAP can also set the speed and can reach 130 km / h and TAP system can be switched off / switched on quickly and manuals to maintain or avoid undesirable events.

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