»Androidland the Official Android store by Google opens in Australia

Androidland the Official Android store by Google opens in Australia

Androidland the World's first official android store was opened in Melbourne. Australia, Finally Android has its own official store. This Androidland was built by Google in Collaboration with Australian Cellular Operator Telstra. This building was dominated by a green color, such as the main color of Android Logo. So what are the interesting stuff about this Androidland the First Official Android Store by Google?

The visitors in Androidland can ask advice from Android Gurus to maximize Their Android Handset. Such as setting up a Google account or just to choose a good application for their Android Powered Gadget, It's a great place for you to ask about this Cluzee personal Asistant for Android devices. inside the Androidland visitor can also play Angry Birds game in a Giant Screen, Not only that you could also Run the Google Earth Apps in a giant screen.

There's also so many Android based gadget here starting from Mobile phone until the Tablet PC, It's like a heaven for every Android lovers. We hope that this Android Store also sells somethings like this Bluedrone an Android R/C Car, or even this Parrot Android Car Audio System, Androidland built in collaboration with many famous Android vendors such as Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG. Currently, Androidland still in the testing phase. If successful, then it's just a matter of time since Google made another Androidland.

Sounds like this Google Androidlands want to compete with Apple Store, let's see who will won the competition. but as far as i know nowadays Android OS became the leader of the mobile market, with more than 200 million activated devices beating out former market leaders Apple and RIM (Blackberry).

Oh yeah you can take a tour inside this Androidland the First Google Official Android Store via this video below.

Maybe this Androidland in Australia could became one of the most entertaining Christmas Vacation Ideas for every Android Users.

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