»iCelcius Pro turn iPhone into a Digital Thermometer

iCelcius Pro turn iPhone into a Digital Thermometer

How to turn your iPhone into a digital thermometer? Now with this iCelcius Pro devices with an apps you could possibly morph your iPhone into a digital thermometer. to turn your iPhone into a digital thermometer the first step is you have to plug in the iCelcius Pro devices prior to the IOS device. Then download the application via the App Store iCelcius and the iPhone is now ready to be used to measure temperature.

Then how to use it to measure the temperature with iCelcius Pro on your iPhone? To use it, you just put the tip of the iron iCelcius Pro on the object that you want the temperature, and then the measurement result is displayed through applications on the iPhone iCelcius. iCelcius application comes with several features such as creating a graphic display, alarm features, and the email feature to send the results of temperature measurements that you have done.

iCelcius Pro can accurately measure the temperature and can be used to read the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. The tool can measure temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees centigrade and can be used for various needs of body temperature to room temperature. If you are interested to have it, iCelcius Pro is compatible with all IOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch can be had for around $ 54.99.

Get your iCelcius Pro Devices here.

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