»Futuristic Flying House Concept

Futuristic Flying House Concept

Have you ever imagined if in the future the house could fly? This wolke7 Flying House concept is a cool house concept this far, this amazing house concept designed by Timon Sager. It's a perfect combination of a flying craft and a futuristic house. Wolke7 seems like a yacht in the sky which can take you anywhere.

This interesting design of flying house concept creates a strong possibility to live the sky-life. This flying house also features a deck so that you can wholeheartedly enjoy the lovely view from the sky and feel the soothing breeze on your face. (see more pictures below) It seems there's gonna be many awesome and amazing futuristic concept like this, previously we has a cool amazing futuristic hotel concept and a Yacht Island.

Wolke7 is undoubtedly a fascinating and awesome flying house that offers you the liberty to travel freely in the sky while enjoying all the homely comforts. For more pictures of this amazing flying house, scroll down.

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