»Press Panic A Hospital Locator Apps for an Emergency

Press Panic A Hospital Locator Apps for an Emergency

This is Press Panic a Hospital locator apps which will helps you to locate the nearby hospital. this apps available for Android and iOS devices. This simple apps will works whenever you press the panic button on the screen and then it will locate the nearby location to you complete with specific information such as Address, Phone Number and also the mileage.

The PressPanic apps use GPS to locate the nearest hospital, but unfortunately this application can not automatically activate the GPS, but you must first activate the GPS in the phone itself then this apps will works. "Every single hospital has detailed latitude and longitude coordinates which triangulate around users' exact GPS location. One press gives you a list of hospitals, addresses, a quick-call option and a quick-directions option," Say the developer of the Apps.

Dr. John Porter of Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinic in Orlando, Florida, came up with the idea for Press Panic because so many vacationers in his town bring their pets along, but dont know where to go when their furry friend gets sick, due from the idea now there are two buttons, one to search for human hospitals and another for Animal Hospital. But unfortunately this is not a free apps for the animal hospital but it's free when you just need to locate the nearby people hospital. so we haven't try this press panic apps. If you want to try presspanic apps visit Press Panic

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