»Pair Apps for Long Distance Relationship

Pair Apps for Long Distance Relationship

Pair is a special iOS apps designed for a couple who are in long distance relationship, several days ago this pair apps was featured in Techcrunch website. it shows a simple apps for those who involved a long distance relationship(LDR).

The app is pretty simple in design and use You can start off by taking a picture and a small video using your iPhone and then uploading it along with the details of your special one as an invite to join. Once they accept, you will be ‘paired’ and you can get started and constantly keep in touch. You can upload and send images, videos and of course messages along with simple call and video calls. This pretty much gives you every possible option to stay in touch with that someone special.

There is also a feature that allows you to draw and scribble whatever you wish to convey and there is also a ‘Thinking of you’ button that pretty much is a like a buzz to the other person. There is also a fingerprint option that shows your partner’s thumbprint when they touch their screen and the phones vibrate in unison when both of you touch at same points of your phone. It is called ‘Thumbkissing’ (Personally, that is just pathetic, but hey, we are not judging).

You could say that apart from a few cheesy additions, there is nothing amazingly new about the app. But the advantage of it over Facebook, Skype and other chat forms is that it brings all of those together into one form and you need not be bugged by the rest of the world. Exclusivity and privacy is what it offers in a certain sense and we totally get where that is coming from.

Via : techcrunch.
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