»Cool Marshall Fridge an Amplifier for your Kitchen

Cool Marshall Fridge an Amplifier for your Kitchen

Marshall the leading amplifier company has just made a cool marshall fridge, It's really a new technology from marshall. Among the rows of classic amps on show at Marshall's booth this year is something that may look like an amp from the Jim Marshall signature series, but which is nothing of the sort. The authentic Marshall amp head and cabinet facing of the prototype Marshall Fridge open up to reveal 4.4 cubic feet (124 liters) of can or bottle chilling storage space, with handy can storage on the inside of the door and a mini freezer to feed users with a steady supply of ice cubes.

Unfortunately, much like the initial announcement of its Major and Minor headphones, Marshall is not giving too much away about its latest branded non-amp product at the moment. The Energy Star, RoHS and UL compliant fridge sports Presence, EQ, Master and Pre-Amp control knobs across the head section that go up to eleven but there's no word on whether these actually do anything other than look cool. Either way, it will no doubt make a useful and good-looking addition to any rehearsal room and is sure to be the next must-have dorm accessory.

Marshall says that production models should be available by October for an introductory price of US$299, hit the source link to register for updates.

Not that I'm complaining at all, but would it lessen its appeal to have a distorted guitar riff sound as the door opens or even include a digital music player in the head and some speakers in the cab?

While we wait for more details to emerge, have a look at the following very rock 'n' roll introductory video from Marshall:

via : Gizmag
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