»iPhone 5 Rumor comes with 4.6-inch screen Retina Displays

iPhone 5 Rumor comes with 4.6-inch screen Retina Displays

There's so many rumor spreading about the iPhone 5 in the internet, and from the latest rumor that we heard iPhone 5 will comes a 4.6-inch screen and 4G LTE Network. if you have been following iPhone 5 rumors for a while. An unverified industry source has revealed to a South Korean publication that the new iPhone 5 will mount a large 4.6-inch Retina Display. (See the Galaxy Nexus pics which has 4,6Inch Screen Size)

Indeed, the new rumor has the same penchant of the previous ones. It says that Apple has tied up with Samsung and LG (note, Sharp is missing this time) for 4.6-inch Retina Display panels for the next iPhone, which according to the same source will come out a bit earlier in the summer this year. Do you really think that this rumor is making any sense? Of course, the likelihood of the predictions, at least the one regarding the release date, is very less. To release iPhone 5 this summer means there will be yet another iPhone upgrade in mere six to nine months. As per Apple’s traditions, the company hasn't unveiled a new iPhone without an interval of at least one year.

The rumormonger doesn’t stop guessing with screen size and release date only. The source has made one more prediction, which Apple must introduce on its new iPhone if it doesn't want to be left behind in global smartphone market. Can you guess what it will be? Yes, it is 4G LTE compatibility. Apple has already brought on 4G LTE on its third generation iPad, though restricted for North Americans only. So, we can certainly look for 4G LTE on iPhone 5.

Via : reuters
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