»LG 3D Game Conversion Engine for Smartphone

LG 3D Game Conversion Engine for Smartphone

Have you try playing a 3D games on your 3D smartphone such as LG optimus 3D? unfortunately there's not much 3D games title for smartphone today, but LG comes with a great innovation for you to convert a 2D games into a cool amazing 3D games with their 3D Game conversion engine for your smartphone.

This LG 3D Game converter are an OpenGL Phone applications, it was also known as the World's first 2D to 3D Game converter. this LG game converter will be installed on 3D Smartphone from LG such as LG optimus 3D and with this cool apps you can convert your favorite 2D games into a 3D games to play on your 3D smartphone. isn't it really cool?

This application will also make it easier for game developers to convert the games they make from 2D to 3D so that in the end the game that they made will be used in 3D mobile phone, Well we think In the future almost all smartphone will provide a 3D games.

I'm curious about how does it feel playing a 2D games that was converted into 3D version by using this LG 3D game converter. this video below could give you an introduction into this future technology of 3D gaming on your smartphone.

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