»myFC's PowerTrekk water powered charger for smartphone

myFC's PowerTrekk water powered charger for smartphone

myFC's PowerTrekk was a cool amazing invention in today's technology. this devices could help you to charge your smartphone by using water by using the fuel cell technology. How water can charge your smartphone?

the instant mobile charger mixes up water with a chemical powder called sodium silicide to produce power for your cells and other devices. The chemical action inside the gadget creates hydrogen, which is turned to electricity through fuel cell technology. This myFC's PowerTrekk was showed at CES 2012.

This devices contains a hockey-puck like cartridge, called the Powerpukk, Built by the New York based SiGNa. it stores water and sodium silicide in two rounded trays at both ends. Once switched on, there will take place a chemical action inside the tool to produce hydrogen, which will later be turned to power thanks to fuel cell technology.

PowerTrekk outputs the power through a USB connector. You can charge your smartphone through USB. Any other devices like a table lamp or torch with USB ports can be charged with PowerTrekk, however. Its designers claim that there is nothing to fret about the chemical power used in the device. It is a non-toxic substance and lets off only water vapor and gas during the process.

Powerpukk is also not dangerous. It is a non-corrosive and leak-proof cartridge. The device will work even if you use salty water. But water shouldn’t be thick. The cartridge can be used along with fuel cell rating from 1W to 3kW.

The PowerTrekk instant mobile charger will be available for purchase from May or June this year. It will be priced between $200 and $250 dollars. The replaceable cartridge comes for a price of $4.

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